It was FUN, really :)

I am talking about the 22nd SET anniversary @ TIM last Thursday. Whoo-a. It was a blast you know. Actually I didnt really put myself into the show because I had to prepare my self to ANNOUNCE and RE-ANNOUNCE some simple informations for the guesses, and I had to repeat these kind of sentence over and over again :

"Diberitahukan kepada para tamu undangan, Adzan maghrib telah berkumandang. Silahkan menikmati hidangan yang telah disediakan. Selamat berbuka puasa"

"Bagi yang ingin solat magrib, musholla tersedia dibelakang saya"

and the people was confused I guess, because what stood behind me was a WALL not even a room to pray!
and I had to repeat the information: musholla ada dibelakang saya..dipersilahkan masuk ke aula teater kecil karena acara akan segera dimulai etc, which I was sure nobody listened because everybody was busy, so busy that day. I was busy
too, busy meeting with some old fellas; Zacky, Niku, Nindy, Fahim, Reka, Agung, Andi, Hanny, Irfan haha.

this is me and Reka
After all I did my job well :D
and I wish that they will put picture of me in some newspaper (haha well I stood behind mas Garin that day, so if you see mas Garin's pic standing in front of the stage, I will be the one who stand behind him :P) and I do really wish that I can dance on a stage like Nadine (yes one of the Chandrawinatas) did with mas Eko Supriyanto (He is such a great dancer!! I saw him dance and I was "Ooow..". You can see his performance in Generasi Biru Movie).
How I want to be a stage perfomer..

and after the blast ended, Mbak Lia told me that we're going to had supper before we went home. Then we went to Black Canyon Coffee in Cikini. I ate Fussili dip in Tom Yum soup and drank Frosted Lime. It was great, but I couldnt finished the Fussili off because it was too much :P

I can wait for others BLAST!!

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