Fin de Siecle writing

My friends asked me where will I be for the new year, and I said I: go no where. They asked me back why, and I replied: nothing, I don't like celebration (except the one for my birthday, I'd like to have one, because I never celebrate my birthday either) 

The year does fly, we cant avoid the fact that the time does fly, but I still cant accept the idea of celebrating new year. The time flies, and new year is just a small part of it. It is only the change of the signifier, nothing more. Life keeps on running after the so-called celebration, then what next? they may talk about the resolutions, are there any better resolutions out there?If we wanted to change, why should it be in every twelve month (and after the big celebration). I know my writing here is very arguable, and I'm looking forward to argue hehe :)

It is better to celebrate birthday than new year. I have a reason; because birthday (to me) is not mere the change of the signifier. It will determine who we are and what we suppose to do. It is better to celebrate birthday, I told you. and if you wanted to make changes, it is better to do it on your birthday :)

Talking about birthday, our former president will never have his birthday again. Gus Dur, the fourth president of Indonesia, passed away yesterday. I am sad, but I should lift my glass and cheers for him. Cheers for Gus Dur-not for his dead-cheers for his achievement, cheers for his attempt to make Indonesia more colorful just like today, Cheers :) 


Good bye, Gus Dur. Rest in Peace, cheers :)



A Happy Couple in a Velvet Couch

you are so shinny
and your arms are so sunny
i like the way you walk
and the way you tell your joke
i want to have such never ending talk
while sleep with you in the hammock!
and I think one soul is enough for two,
just like me and you

How I love you, babylord :)

There, there,
I had a great time with Tomo yesterday. The rain weep, yes it was. It wet my shoe, and Tomo's new converse gahaha he loved to show his new shoe off a lot, and I was like "yeyeah sir, u are kewl" and then we laughed altogether. The rain didn't wet my heart, I had a very great time. It started in my campus, then to the best Sate Padang in town: Ajo Ramon (it's better if they put suffix -es, I think), MG Music in Blok M and the very comfy home-like Ohlala Menteng. Rain wasn't a big deal for us and I was so happy walked beside him all the time. Our meeting was less than 5hours but It felt like the happiest hours in my life. Sebentar, tapi nyaman. And the best thing was we sabotaged our fave corner in Ohlala Menteng. The comfy corner, hot pear tart and almond croissant, a glass of fresh milk, the weeping rain outside the window and us; a happy couple in a velvet couch :)
our date in the middle of Pasar Santa was incredible, too.
The weeping rain forced us to find a shelter to hide. We had nowhere to go but Pasar Santa. We sat on the main stairs, chit chat over everything for almost 1 1/2 hours before left to MG Music. I'd like to call it the best market-stair date ever! That was the best because I did it with my lovely Tomo, and no one can do better than him, smooch ah si Tomo, hhehehe.Thank you dear for the lovely time!


pic courtesy of justjared.buzznet.com
Lourdes Leon's style is striking my eyes! Look how cute she is, pretty in black :)
the leather denim is amazing and she wears that-uber-cool-denim legging!
Huwee how I want to have her look! this is very me to be gahahaha


One Day in Melaka

I found this picture on me dad's desktop, and those happy thoughts about Melaka came in my mind. From left to right: Kakek, Mum, Kak Watik, Me, and Adam. How I want to go back to Melaka. Walking down the shiny streets, posing with the pinkish wall, ride the colorful becak, and do many things there. Melaka is fun, and very classic. I could feel the breath of Admiral Ceng Ho in every corner, and the atmosphere of old china-portuguese society is very thick there. I would like to have one of those old kebaya pecinan exhibited on the museum, they were very classic. I wish I could go there with Tomo someday :) It is very nice to imagine about my short visit to Melaka while my mind is tired. I have some translation to do, and my finish-to-be 1.1,is waiting. So little time so much to do, Arkarna said. And I think I will do my asses after I post this to my page. By the way I just bought Happy-Go-Lucky and My Sister's Keeper, I am starving to watch those movies! what do you think I will do next? movie or asses? :P


the weeping rain

the rain is weeping outside my door, and I decide to skip class today :P a lil bit worry about my absent, but what can I do? the weeping rain wet the earth, and it can wet my shoe, too. I stay at home and do some assignment. Suddenly Yangtek and Yangom dropped by and we chit chat over everything. My lil house feels much warmer now and I feel content. They plan to celebrate Yangkung and Babe's birthday altogether on January. We will have small bakar-bakaran party, Yangkung and Babe love to eat grill fish and kangkung plecing. Do you guys love kangkung plecing? it is from Lombok, and very delicious :)

The weeping rain makes my tummy weeps. I want to have these foods inside my mouth:

  1. Apple Pie
  2. Astor
  3. Salmon sushi
  4. Carbonara Spaghetti
  5. Udang goreng

it can make my tummy more mbul hehe as mbul as tomo's tummy :P I miss tomo very much by the way, it's been a long time since our last meeting. Cant wait for the next saturday, we're going to stroll along Menteng and have never ending talk! hope the rain wont weep at that time, i hope.

Rain, please dont weep on Saturday,

or else you will ruin my day!


Thanks God I am Confuse

I spent my Sunday morning up in Busway. Intan, Santhy, Kak Ica , Anita and I, went to Ms Free's castle in Cempaka Putih. Jauh banget, namun we had some books from her private library, and those books will light our way in doing our thesis :)
I am doing my research about The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, at first I think it would be easy to review my fave book but confusing strikes me over and over again until now hehe
My lecturer said my thesis will be a little bit philosophical and she said it is okay to continue. I dont know how to write my thesis, seems like each word need to be synchronize with the whole pages and I am confuse. Thanks God I am confuse. It mea
ns my brain is working.LOL.
and I am working on my thesis now while Oren Lavie sings in my ear. Oren Lavie is very cool, very much cool! He was the one who sang for Narnia's soundtrack.

and I listen to his song over and over again today, his songs made my day :)
dan yang paling kerennya lagi adalah dia juga seorang sutradara teater! sutradara teater yang jadi penyanyi? very cool and rare. I am starting to love Oren, and also Lily Allen haha. Terlambat banget ya baru suka Lily Allen sekarang? well, it is better be late than nothing :P
and it is better for me to go now because my assignment is calling, he misses me!
Bye now
*with Oren in my ear, haha.


Mood Update

Reading: the Unbearable Lightness of Being
Listening: Owl City
Currently: Thinking
Watching: The Ugly Truth
Noshing: snack gratisan dari seminar
Lusting: ankle boot, brogue
Feeling: so-so
Wanting: MY BOYFIE

This is DEAR VIENNA by OWL CITY. They are COOL :))

I regarded the world as such a sad sight
Until I viewed it in black and white
Then I reviewed every frame and basic shape
And sealed the exits with caution tape
Don’t refocus your eyes in the darkness
And don’t remember this place unless
I describe all the things that you cannot see
And we’ll unravel the mystery

Farewell, all my friends in textbooks, I’m going home
Cuz my blood cells cannot depend on the weather in photographs
There’s a light show out my window somewhere way up there
Dear Vienna, are you singing?
Dear Vienna, are you swinging?
Dear Vienna, we were happy like the shades of May when we got carried away

I was so far out of place
Watching those stars in outer space

nothing happen

it ensures me that nothing happen lately.
it is flat.
super flat.
deadly bored, i can say.
you know,
ive done my trial for two weeks,
and the result isnt surprising at all.
I know that nothing will happen.
and I want something to happen.

and I dont know. Just get me away from here I'm dying (BelleandSebastian)


Click. Click.

Reading: the Picture of Dorian Gray 
Listening: the ticking clocks 
Currently: males-malesan 
Watching: yoga body and mind 
Noshing: cookie
Lusting: ankle boot 
Feeling: so-so 
Wanting: more holiday, health


Lets Get Out of This Country

Amazing. Just heard from my Bude that she just got back from SF. Imagine! SF city disco wow wow! she had a week in LA and SF and it was amazing she said. Can you imagine, guys? SF the city of wind, she had stepped her feet there and I am amazed :)

She told me this and that, the details, and I am amazed. I really need to go abroad, I think. Cant stand any longer stay in this city (woooo sombong!!) tapi mengingat the details yang Bude ceritain, disana mataharinya pelit, ga ada debu, ga mandi 3 hari ga bau, windy etcetera seems like the real utopia for me! How I hate sun and dust which are Jakarta's best friends. Haha! take me abroad dong dong, anyone!

Sure. I am speaking in the name of seriousness. Seriously, I need to go abroad. 

My Utopias are:

1. Vienna

2. UK

3. Italy

4. Somewhere in Fiji island

5. Anywhere but Indonesia and war countries


the Hadza

Yeay, just finished reading the December edition of NGM :) and I do love the article of Hadza tribe in Tanzania. Martin Schoeller put some of his beautiful close-up shots on the page and he told us such amazing story about his living with the Hadza. I like the baboon hunting part. The Hadza eats baboon, and a man must kill at least 5 baboons before he can get married. Interesting, isn't it? and the Hadza has such beautiful names for the people; Nija, Onwas, Mahiya, Ngaola, Mille, Giga etcetera. I'd love to have such name for my children hehe Nija or Mahiya, sounds edgy and rare, very pretty :))

and I can say, the most interesting part from the Hadza tribe is they dont feel sad at all. Schoeller wrote that when someone's dead, the Hadza just put their corpse on the hole, or let it decayed and eat by the beast. The Hadza show no grievances, and I am amazed. Is it true that sadness and grievances came from the convention? If there is no such convention, there will be no sadness. Can we avoid sadness like the Hadza? Is it important to feel sad? Tell me your opinion, guys :)

By the way, I am going to cut my hair by now! It is getting longer and I feel gerah banget hehe semoga dapet kapster yang baik hari ini yeah. Bye bye now!