Indeed, Indeed! It is like getting back to my childhood time :) Indeed, Indeed, Indeed, I want this floral tights, Indeed, Indeed!!


I Praise the Corpse that Never Wink

I praise the corpse that never wink
that is such a silly thing
even it has no more stream of ink
or a sword to be yielding
only starving maggots munching its skin
with the smell of rotten brain, saucing.
how disgusting it is.

poor nose, mine is hurting

then I go. Vomiting.

co-pas from my Fb's note :))


Spontaneous Overflow of Powerful Feeling

Wordsworth classic is no longer Rp 30.000, they reduce the price into Rp 28.000, HORRAY!

There are also special edition books by Wordsworth classic; covered in velvet, available in maroon, black, and blue and all, wow! Rp 142.000, think to buy Oscar Wilde and Austen, going to put them on my bookshelf :)


Think I'm Lucky

To go with the spinning of the world, all you need is a well-build head -own quotes

The world do spins, I know. It makes me dizzy and worry. I dont need to complain though. I've my extra medicine everywhere. Thanks for my medicine, you really made my day! *SOON! My list of 'medicine' hehe

I went to UNAS with some of my classmates yesterday. We joined the BritFest there, and thanks God I am the runner up for the s.p.e.l.l.i.n.g b.e.e competition :) Should I be proud or not? I was saying bismillah thousands time yesterday and lucky me I had such easy words to spell, such as; limousine (i love this word!!), psychotherapy, hyperbole, hybrid and others. The other participants were having trouble because they got very-difficult words to spell. It's a matter of luck and I was happy-go-lucky yesterday :) I am thinking about the prize haha I hope they will give me extra cash so I can buy my dream dress immediately!

By the way, Intan just lend me her DORIAN GRAY.
I am so excited to watch the movie because it is the adaptation from the novel The Picture of Dorian Gray (which is the corpus for my thesis). Ben Barnes (the prince Caspian) acts as Dorian there, and his face is unlike the face of Dorian I imagined :'( I kinda afraid that I will loose my interest in doing my thesis after I watch the movie boo-hoo but something somewhere in my mind tell me that I should watch it. Watch it or leave it? well, to be or not to be, gahaha!

I am writing this post in Britzone :)
I am here with Intan.
Think to revise my chapter 1,
end up with surfing the net and
enjoy the AC



If I were the one of those English upper-class society living in the Victorian period, I'd like to be addressed as YOUR GRACE :)

Me: my Apple crisp and tea, please

Lady-in-waiting: as you wish, Your Grace  

or or or or or,

Lady-in-waiting : Lord Grey is waiting downstairs, Your Grace

and and and and and,

I would like to have someone call me me Lady! Lady Grey (If I were married with someone name Grey; Earl Tomo Grey, the Duke of Canterbury :P)


Which Sexy Lady Are You?

Audrey Kathleen Ruston
Audrey Hepburn
Classy Classic
Everlasting Beauty :)



"Love is a word that is often overused. When someone says “I love those shoes” they don’t literally mean they “love” the shoes. They just like them. Our generation has told too many people “I love you” People say it like it’s nothing. Just something that you are “supposed” to say. It begins to lose it’s true meaning. No one understands what love really means until they meet that one person that you want to be with every second of everyday. The one person that could make you fall apart. The person that can control your mood. The person that if they died you wouldn’t know how you were going to go on. The person that can make you smile when you want to cry. The person that no matter how much they have hurt you, you still want them, and couldn’t imagine being without them. The person that when just IMAGINING who they have been with and what they have done with them could just bring tears to your eyes. Some people mistake that if you love someone that everything has to be perfect with them. That you will never fight, never argue. No. That’s just appears to be love, and what we want to believe is love. When you love someone you are with them through the thick and thin, the good and the bad. So when using the word “love” think about it. Don’t just say it because you think it’s the right moment to say it, or because you think you are supposed to say it."

(re-blog from binki.tumblr.com)

*I am thinking of Tomo, and I feel sooo haappy :)



I don't do drugs. I am drugs.
Salvador Dali


I am (not) geek in the Library yet

Rain, again. The smell is always good, but I can't go outside. I planned to go to Britzone with Adriel and Kak Ica but the falling rain insist me to stay home. I miss Britzone and its 'scholary' atmosphere, it makes me feel like a smart academician (whom I really am) haha :P By the way, yesterday I made myself:

  1. Cheese Omelet
  2. Vegetable soup
  3. Fried Mushroom
  4. Fried Potato

and bought myself two pocket of scented sachets, yeey! I chose green tea and refreshing vintage odor. I put the green tea below my AC and the vintage inside my closet, they smell totally good and relaxing. The best thing is, they can bring my mood back to do my translation job, still long way to go, though :)

To pump up my mood, I also listen to this song

It is from my faverave movie ever; Before Sunset. Give it a hit, and feel the song :) I am going back to do my job now. I have to finish it VERY SOON!! 


It is a Well-said

Love is a promise,
love is a souvenir,
once given never forgotten,
never let it disappear. 
-John Lennon

My promise, my souvenir:
Rahgutomo Unggul Pambudi
will never disappear :)


SF 2013

My afternoon was fun :)
the whole class went to AMINEF to learn more about study in the USA, and I feel content!
The student counselor, mas Okki, was very helpful. He said we can discuss our plan to study in the USA anytime for FREE (Yay, I love the word FREE!)
After mas Okki told us about the scholarship and assistantship program, the hope in the bottom of pandora shook a lot. I am planning to do this and that related to my next study, and I know that Allah will always give the right way for me to pass, I am sure :)


By the way,
I am quite worry today :(
Hope everything will be just fine, amen.


Daily Fly

Looklet is the real pain killer! the itch have not stopped yet, and I cant concentrate on my translation :'(
so to keep my mind happy, I go to Looklet.
these are some of my gorgeous looks :D
Please pray for me peeps, I want my itch to stop boohoo o..
Bytheway, I found this interesting site www.fiftypeopleonequestion.com
try a click and feel the fun there!


the World Without Caterpillar

Hi, peeps. Me back again behind my lappie. Thank you for coming and visiting my home here :) you know, the caterpillar is getting crazier, I can't hold it anymore! what can I do to make them disappear? I was screaming out loud when I took my evening shower, my whole body feels so itch until now I stain this page. How I hate caterpillar so much :'(

Despite the freakin' caterpillar here, there is a lil surprise popped up in my inbox :) I feel happy everytime I read this message:

"Hasil terjemahanmu baik, lanjutkan saja. Saya sudah baca kok, kata 
demi kata. Hanya satu dua kata atau ungkapan yang perlu mungkin saya
sederhanakan, sesuaikan. Terus saja. Semoga jadi tonggak hidup yang 
baik bagimu karena sudah menjajal menterjemahkan. Kamu bisa ayo. maju."

Om Sugeng sent me this, and I am glad that I can continue my dream! Thank you very much, Om! *lompat-lompat dikasur* and I hope I can finish my translation on time. Really, me dad should help me to get rid of those caterpillar. They disturb my concentration *sigh and scratch*

All I need is a world without caterpillar.


Itsy Bitchy Me

Happy birthday to me dad and to me grandpa :) i hope happiness always be with them, amen. We celebrated their birthday by having a small dinner in seafood restaurant. You know, the kepiting saos padang and the grill fish were very tasty! I couldn't believe that I finished 2 crabs all at once, and I was so happy because Tomo was with me all the time. How I love him, and always love him :)

The latest issue from my day is I got the caterpillar attack all over my body. The caterpillar are getting crazier and crazier, they sabotage the whole tree and strike me down! I feel itch all over my body, I want to cry :'( Me dad should ask someone to burn the tree down so the caterpillar wont hurt me again.SHOO, SHOO, CATERPILLAR, SHOO! Thanks Allah, he save me through the medicated powder named Herocyn.

By the way, I have some several duties to do. Here is the list:

1. Find out 2 poems by St Coleridge. Type it down. Print it up. Kumpulin. (Romantic Poetry)

2. Write down the analysis of Ozymandias. Kumpulin. (Romantic Poetry)

3. Choose an ad. Analyze it in detail. Kumpulin. (Ad Discourse)

4. Choose a short story. Analyze it in detail. Kumpulin. (Stylistic)

5. Finish my chapter 1. Write the bibliography. 

6. Try to make an abstract. See ms Heny.

Well, seems like a long road to heaven, isn't it? I hope the itchy bitchy itch will stop disturbing my skin so I can do my duties well. It is very thrilling you know, when you have a lot of duties but the time wont deal with it :) see you anytime soon, peeps!


My Princess Name is

Princess Beatrix Penelope,

the Pearl of Halitosis

sounds crap?
I am obsessed for being a princess :)