"Love is a word that is often overused. When someone says “I love those shoes” they don’t literally mean they “love” the shoes. They just like them. Our generation has told too many people “I love you” People say it like it’s nothing. Just something that you are “supposed” to say. It begins to lose it’s true meaning. No one understands what love really means until they meet that one person that you want to be with every second of everyday. The one person that could make you fall apart. The person that can control your mood. The person that if they died you wouldn’t know how you were going to go on. The person that can make you smile when you want to cry. The person that no matter how much they have hurt you, you still want them, and couldn’t imagine being without them. The person that when just IMAGINING who they have been with and what they have done with them could just bring tears to your eyes. Some people mistake that if you love someone that everything has to be perfect with them. That you will never fight, never argue. No. That’s just appears to be love, and what we want to believe is love. When you love someone you are with them through the thick and thin, the good and the bad. So when using the word “love” think about it. Don’t just say it because you think it’s the right moment to say it, or because you think you are supposed to say it."

(re-blog from binki.tumblr.com)

*I am thinking of Tomo, and I feel sooo haappy :)

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