the World Without Caterpillar

Hi, peeps. Me back again behind my lappie. Thank you for coming and visiting my home here :) you know, the caterpillar is getting crazier, I can't hold it anymore! what can I do to make them disappear? I was screaming out loud when I took my evening shower, my whole body feels so itch until now I stain this page. How I hate caterpillar so much :'(

Despite the freakin' caterpillar here, there is a lil surprise popped up in my inbox :) I feel happy everytime I read this message:

"Hasil terjemahanmu baik, lanjutkan saja. Saya sudah baca kok, kata 
demi kata. Hanya satu dua kata atau ungkapan yang perlu mungkin saya
sederhanakan, sesuaikan. Terus saja. Semoga jadi tonggak hidup yang 
baik bagimu karena sudah menjajal menterjemahkan. Kamu bisa ayo. maju."

Om Sugeng sent me this, and I am glad that I can continue my dream! Thank you very much, Om! *lompat-lompat dikasur* and I hope I can finish my translation on time. Really, me dad should help me to get rid of those caterpillar. They disturb my concentration *sigh and scratch*

All I need is a world without caterpillar.

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