Itsy Bitchy Me

Happy birthday to me dad and to me grandpa :) i hope happiness always be with them, amen. We celebrated their birthday by having a small dinner in seafood restaurant. You know, the kepiting saos padang and the grill fish were very tasty! I couldn't believe that I finished 2 crabs all at once, and I was so happy because Tomo was with me all the time. How I love him, and always love him :)

The latest issue from my day is I got the caterpillar attack all over my body. The caterpillar are getting crazier and crazier, they sabotage the whole tree and strike me down! I feel itch all over my body, I want to cry :'( Me dad should ask someone to burn the tree down so the caterpillar wont hurt me again.SHOO, SHOO, CATERPILLAR, SHOO! Thanks Allah, he save me through the medicated powder named Herocyn.

By the way, I have some several duties to do. Here is the list:

1. Find out 2 poems by St Coleridge. Type it down. Print it up. Kumpulin. (Romantic Poetry)

2. Write down the analysis of Ozymandias. Kumpulin. (Romantic Poetry)

3. Choose an ad. Analyze it in detail. Kumpulin. (Ad Discourse)

4. Choose a short story. Analyze it in detail. Kumpulin. (Stylistic)

5. Finish my chapter 1. Write the bibliography. 

6. Try to make an abstract. See ms Heny.

Well, seems like a long road to heaven, isn't it? I hope the itchy bitchy itch will stop disturbing my skin so I can do my duties well. It is very thrilling you know, when you have a lot of duties but the time wont deal with it :) see you anytime soon, peeps!

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