I am (not) geek in the Library yet

Rain, again. The smell is always good, but I can't go outside. I planned to go to Britzone with Adriel and Kak Ica but the falling rain insist me to stay home. I miss Britzone and its 'scholary' atmosphere, it makes me feel like a smart academician (whom I really am) haha :P By the way, yesterday I made myself:

  1. Cheese Omelet
  2. Vegetable soup
  3. Fried Mushroom
  4. Fried Potato

and bought myself two pocket of scented sachets, yeey! I chose green tea and refreshing vintage odor. I put the green tea below my AC and the vintage inside my closet, they smell totally good and relaxing. The best thing is, they can bring my mood back to do my translation job, still long way to go, though :)

To pump up my mood, I also listen to this song

It is from my faverave movie ever; Before Sunset. Give it a hit, and feel the song :) I am going back to do my job now. I have to finish it VERY SOON!! 

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