Think I'm Lucky

To go with the spinning of the world, all you need is a well-build head -own quotes

The world do spins, I know. It makes me dizzy and worry. I dont need to complain though. I've my extra medicine everywhere. Thanks for my medicine, you really made my day! *SOON! My list of 'medicine' hehe

I went to UNAS with some of my classmates yesterday. We joined the BritFest there, and thanks God I am the runner up for the s.p.e.l.l.i.n.g b.e.e competition :) Should I be proud or not? I was saying bismillah thousands time yesterday and lucky me I had such easy words to spell, such as; limousine (i love this word!!), psychotherapy, hyperbole, hybrid and others. The other participants were having trouble because they got very-difficult words to spell. It's a matter of luck and I was happy-go-lucky yesterday :) I am thinking about the prize haha I hope they will give me extra cash so I can buy my dream dress immediately!

By the way, Intan just lend me her DORIAN GRAY.
I am so excited to watch the movie because it is the adaptation from the novel The Picture of Dorian Gray (which is the corpus for my thesis). Ben Barnes (the prince Caspian) acts as Dorian there, and his face is unlike the face of Dorian I imagined :'( I kinda afraid that I will loose my interest in doing my thesis after I watch the movie boo-hoo but something somewhere in my mind tell me that I should watch it. Watch it or leave it? well, to be or not to be, gahaha!

I am writing this post in Britzone :)
I am here with Intan.
Think to revise my chapter 1,
end up with surfing the net and
enjoy the AC

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