A Happy Couple in a Velvet Couch

you are so shinny
and your arms are so sunny
i like the way you walk
and the way you tell your joke
i want to have such never ending talk
while sleep with you in the hammock!
and I think one soul is enough for two,
just like me and you

How I love you, babylord :)

There, there,
I had a great time with Tomo yesterday. The rain weep, yes it was. It wet my shoe, and Tomo's new converse gahaha he loved to show his new shoe off a lot, and I was like "yeyeah sir, u are kewl" and then we laughed altogether. The rain didn't wet my heart, I had a very great time. It started in my campus, then to the best Sate Padang in town: Ajo Ramon (it's better if they put suffix -es, I think), MG Music in Blok M and the very comfy home-like Ohlala Menteng. Rain wasn't a big deal for us and I was so happy walked beside him all the time. Our meeting was less than 5hours but It felt like the happiest hours in my life. Sebentar, tapi nyaman. And the best thing was we sabotaged our fave corner in Ohlala Menteng. The comfy corner, hot pear tart and almond croissant, a glass of fresh milk, the weeping rain outside the window and us; a happy couple in a velvet couch :)
our date in the middle of Pasar Santa was incredible, too.
The weeping rain forced us to find a shelter to hide. We had nowhere to go but Pasar Santa. We sat on the main stairs, chit chat over everything for almost 1 1/2 hours before left to MG Music. I'd like to call it the best market-stair date ever! That was the best because I did it with my lovely Tomo, and no one can do better than him, smooch ah si Tomo, hhehehe.Thank you dear for the lovely time!

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