Fin de Siecle writing

My friends asked me where will I be for the new year, and I said I: go no where. They asked me back why, and I replied: nothing, I don't like celebration (except the one for my birthday, I'd like to have one, because I never celebrate my birthday either) 

The year does fly, we cant avoid the fact that the time does fly, but I still cant accept the idea of celebrating new year. The time flies, and new year is just a small part of it. It is only the change of the signifier, nothing more. Life keeps on running after the so-called celebration, then what next? they may talk about the resolutions, are there any better resolutions out there?If we wanted to change, why should it be in every twelve month (and after the big celebration). I know my writing here is very arguable, and I'm looking forward to argue hehe :)

It is better to celebrate birthday than new year. I have a reason; because birthday (to me) is not mere the change of the signifier. It will determine who we are and what we suppose to do. It is better to celebrate birthday, I told you. and if you wanted to make changes, it is better to do it on your birthday :)

Talking about birthday, our former president will never have his birthday again. Gus Dur, the fourth president of Indonesia, passed away yesterday. I am sad, but I should lift my glass and cheers for him. Cheers for Gus Dur-not for his dead-cheers for his achievement, cheers for his attempt to make Indonesia more colorful just like today, Cheers :) 


Good bye, Gus Dur. Rest in Peace, cheers :)

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