Thanks God I am Confuse

I spent my Sunday morning up in Busway. Intan, Santhy, Kak Ica , Anita and I, went to Ms Free's castle in Cempaka Putih. Jauh banget, namun we had some books from her private library, and those books will light our way in doing our thesis :)
I am doing my research about The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, at first I think it would be easy to review my fave book but confusing strikes me over and over again until now hehe
My lecturer said my thesis will be a little bit philosophical and she said it is okay to continue. I dont know how to write my thesis, seems like each word need to be synchronize with the whole pages and I am confuse. Thanks God I am confuse. It mea
ns my brain is working.LOL.
and I am working on my thesis now while Oren Lavie sings in my ear. Oren Lavie is very cool, very much cool! He was the one who sang for Narnia's soundtrack.

and I listen to his song over and over again today, his songs made my day :)
dan yang paling kerennya lagi adalah dia juga seorang sutradara teater! sutradara teater yang jadi penyanyi? very cool and rare. I am starting to love Oren, and also Lily Allen haha. Terlambat banget ya baru suka Lily Allen sekarang? well, it is better be late than nothing :P
and it is better for me to go now because my assignment is calling, he misses me!
Bye now
*with Oren in my ear, haha.

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