the Hadza

Yeay, just finished reading the December edition of NGM :) and I do love the article of Hadza tribe in Tanzania. Martin Schoeller put some of his beautiful close-up shots on the page and he told us such amazing story about his living with the Hadza. I like the baboon hunting part. The Hadza eats baboon, and a man must kill at least 5 baboons before he can get married. Interesting, isn't it? and the Hadza has such beautiful names for the people; Nija, Onwas, Mahiya, Ngaola, Mille, Giga etcetera. I'd love to have such name for my children hehe Nija or Mahiya, sounds edgy and rare, very pretty :))

and I can say, the most interesting part from the Hadza tribe is they dont feel sad at all. Schoeller wrote that when someone's dead, the Hadza just put their corpse on the hole, or let it decayed and eat by the beast. The Hadza show no grievances, and I am amazed. Is it true that sadness and grievances came from the convention? If there is no such convention, there will be no sadness. Can we avoid sadness like the Hadza? Is it important to feel sad? Tell me your opinion, guys :)

By the way, I am going to cut my hair by now! It is getting longer and I feel gerah banget hehe semoga dapet kapster yang baik hari ini yeah. Bye bye now!

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