Lets Get Out of This Country

Amazing. Just heard from my Bude that she just got back from SF. Imagine! SF city disco wow wow! she had a week in LA and SF and it was amazing she said. Can you imagine, guys? SF the city of wind, she had stepped her feet there and I am amazed :)

She told me this and that, the details, and I am amazed. I really need to go abroad, I think. Cant stand any longer stay in this city (woooo sombong!!) tapi mengingat the details yang Bude ceritain, disana mataharinya pelit, ga ada debu, ga mandi 3 hari ga bau, windy etcetera seems like the real utopia for me! How I hate sun and dust which are Jakarta's best friends. Haha! take me abroad dong dong, anyone!

Sure. I am speaking in the name of seriousness. Seriously, I need to go abroad. 

My Utopias are:

1. Vienna

2. UK

3. Italy

4. Somewhere in Fiji island

5. Anywhere but Indonesia and war countries

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