One Day in Melaka

I found this picture on me dad's desktop, and those happy thoughts about Melaka came in my mind. From left to right: Kakek, Mum, Kak Watik, Me, and Adam. How I want to go back to Melaka. Walking down the shiny streets, posing with the pinkish wall, ride the colorful becak, and do many things there. Melaka is fun, and very classic. I could feel the breath of Admiral Ceng Ho in every corner, and the atmosphere of old china-portuguese society is very thick there. I would like to have one of those old kebaya pecinan exhibited on the museum, they were very classic. I wish I could go there with Tomo someday :) It is very nice to imagine about my short visit to Melaka while my mind is tired. I have some translation to do, and my finish-to-be 1.1,is waiting. So little time so much to do, Arkarna said. And I think I will do my asses after I post this to my page. By the way I just bought Happy-Go-Lucky and My Sister's Keeper, I am starving to watch those movies! what do you think I will do next? movie or asses? :P

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