the weather remote

It's been a long time since my last post, I guess :P
I'm trying to cope with the mood in writing, oh my goodness, it sure like a rollercoaster, up and down, even sometimes stuck in the rail (kayak Final Destination gitu).
*How I wish to have a mood controller.
and also a weather controller!
so I could manage the weather the way I want. Shut the sun, kill the rain, and everyday will be cloudy day.
How I love cloudy day :)
today is very HOT
and traffic jam is everywhere!!
it took 30 minutes by bus from Al-Azhar to Ratu Plaza, oh my god, I wanted to cry in 19 because the temperature was so hot, and the bus was stuck :'(
I was ngambek secretly like a baby, dan heboh kipas-kipas sampe mas-mas disebelah gue ketiduran. Keenakan kali ya kena angin kipas dari kipas gue. Alhamdulilah deh bikin orang nyaman, kan dapet pahala :D
Kata orang, dari setiap kejadian ada hikmahnya. This is the most cliche words I've ever heard but this is also what I love the most. I recall this phrase in my brain almost everytime; so whenever I got stuck or have plenty bucks, starving or full etc I always try to 'find' something hidden beneath the situation, so I wont get too stuck, or too happy, or too full, or too sad. But I'd like to be TOO RICH, though. Amen.

actually I have many things to tell, and to write!! the stuck moment is gone haha dan semoga akan hilang selamanya! MY MUSE is very KIND Lately :)
I have to do my assignment by now, so bye bye now!

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