Akhir-akhir ini hujan, senang :)) and I am in the mood for floral. Mendung, dress atau tops motif bunga, long shawl and Elizabeth Arden's Mediteranean pumps my mood :))

I was sitting for hours in EX yesterday. Accompanied with needles,felt,glue,Fira and Tomo, I sew them all in order to create such cute monsters. It was fun you know, to have your private sewing time in public area even though you couldn't sell any of your handcrafted  monster to people. Yes, I handcrafted monster dolls and some pretty bangle. I do hope people will like it :))

And I was sour sally-ing with Tomo sambil chit chat ngalor ngidul. I love Tomo very much and I love our time together. He told me to be more patient toward the selling of my monster dolls :))

it's better to handcrafted monsters than to stand all day long and do nothing but gazing at people. I am talking about EX's security now; he stands all day long near the escalator and do nothing. Haha he do something actually, but he seems like do nothing at all.

I was munching my Kaya toast when I noticed the man. He was a gentleman from sole to crown, clean favored and imperially slim (Richard Cory)-yes I recalled that phrase on my mind when I saw the man. He's so Richard Cory alike, in my sight. When I munched my toast, he just stood there and gazed at people. When I sipped my tea, he stood there, still gazed at people. When I read my book, he's still there, gazed people. I wonder what's on his mind when he stood there all day long. Even when I finished my sewing time, he was still there. A very royal man, the real gentleman. He has such a big commitment to his job, and I wish I had such commitment.

I want to buy blush on tapi kemarin out of stock huh, Lomo, GAP black skinny, Crocs malindi, and ETCETERA. Argh banyak maunya, tapi have no money yet..semoga bulan depan kebeli semuanya, amin! SEMUANYA at the same time haha will be a very good treat for me.

Akhir-akhr ini males-malesan. Eh tapi nggak belajar itu hitungannya males ga sih? I did many thing but belajar. Haha mean males belajar, feel so guilty.

Sebel sama seseorang darisalah satu lembaga zakat!!! MENYEBALKAN. 

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