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I am so excited to write my thesis lately! My whole mind is ready to analyze and re-analyze those cycles :9 I will keep my oath; I will do my thesis IMMEDIATELY, soon after I finish my book. The deadline is in front of my nose so I have to do it quickly. To me, the translating job is a kind of heart-head sync work. You need to synchronize your  heart and your head and vice versa in order to re-write the sentences. Sometimes you find it hard to find the exact words, sometimes you find it very easy to re-write. It all goes up and down, depends on your  heart-head condition. Well, I agree with my own previous quote: To go with the spinning of the world, all you need is a well build head :P and I'll put additional word to complete the quote which is heart. To go with the spinning of the world all you need is a well build head-and a heart. Well, it is crap, I am not good in writing the quotes lol.

But I do hope that I'll be good in writing  my thesis :D The title of my thesis will be

The Manifestation of Modern Aestheticism and Art for Art's Sake

in Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray

Woohooo! isn't it long? and yes yes I am doing the research of Dorian Gray. The first time my supervisor asked me WHY I choose Dorian Gray, I answered her bluntly. I said: because I love Wilde. And she laughed. I didn't like Wilde much at that time, and I was kinda confuse which one I have to choose; is it better Poe or Wilde? Adriel told me that I'd better choose Wilde because Kak Caca (my senior) has done a thesis about Poe. Then I agree with him, I'll do Wilde and his Dorian Gray. I began to love the story, and I began to love Wilde more. I read his works, I quoted his quotes etc then an old memory struck my mind. Years ago (circa 5 or 6 years ago), when I was in high school and have no idea at all about English Literature, a friend of mine, Adit, told me that he read such a cool book. He told me the story, and he said he use dictionary for the whole pages to read the book (since he didnt understand english at  that time). He loves the story very much, more than you can imagine. He loves it, I know. He loves The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde (he said Wilde not Wild, lol). And I do sure know, more than anything, that Dorian Gray is my path. Yes yes, it is not a coincidence; I have to write my thesis! I do believe that it'll lead me into a bigger picture which I dont know yet. I know, I will get something :D

Well, hehehe, it is a long post, I guess! I just want to share my thought, I kinda lonely now. Mum is in hospital and Dad goes to Bali to work. I want my mum here, I wish her a good health! It is her 6th chemotherapy (which is the last chemo), and I do pray for her health :D

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