We Kissed Before Sunset

Below are the hear-melt dialogues from my fave movie. Guess what it is :)

Jesse  : I feel like if someone were to touch me, I'd dissolve into molecules. 
Celine : So, I want to try something. 
Jesse  : What? 
Celine : [hugs him] I want to see if you stay together or if you dissolve into molecules. 
Jesse  : How'm I doing? 
Celine : Still here. 
Jesse  : Good, I like being here.

For God's sake I love this movie (and its sequel) so much; more than anything. This is the best movie ever, and I hate the DVD seller who said: This is a low budget movie, poor one. I laughed inside when she said that unimportant reason. I dont even care with the budget, I love the stories and the people there, so me likey. I cant stop thinking about the stories, the beautiful setting, the dialogues and the romance between the characters. Jesse and Celine are absolutely the modern version of Romeo and Juliet. They will be eternal just like Romeo and Juliet, I guarantee. Thank you Mr Linklater for the stories, I am your number one fans, yeay! God, really, I cant stop scream my heart out about this movie. Im in love, Im in love, Im in love with the stories, really do :)

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