The Penis and the Questions

So this is the story.
I went to Britzone on Friday and I found this book. The title is
Midnight All Day written by Hanif Kureshi. I read the title Strangers When We Meet and I found it very interesting. It reminds me of my fave movie Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. Then I went to the circulation to borrow the book. I thought it was a novel but apparently it was a short story compilation. I went through the pages, read the story one by one and found this short story.
The title is pretty much striking and this is what you call as' 'mbeling' in Javanese. The title is
The Penis. Yes right, clap your hand and jump dear!!
Do you think the title is striking enough? L.O.L
No-no. Please don't think that I am going to write something nasty or porn here. Penis is not always related to porn and whatsoever. Let's try to look at the word penis from another perspective.

So this is the story.
One day, a famous porn star named Doug lost his penis. Doug's penis is amazing; it could erect for hours and grow to the sun. Doug made his living through porn movies and he couldn't imagine what will he do if he lost his penis. Doug was confused and he tried to find his penis. He went all the way to track his penis and he was surprised that his penis has became famous now. His penis talked to many people and held a press conference. His penis wanted to pursue his own career without Doug. Doug needed his penis to do his job as a porn star but his penis wanted to do it without Doug. Doug begged his penis to come back. His Penis had a wish; he wanted to be put in front of Doug's nose or inside Doug's mouth to be more popular. Or, if Doug couldn't accept that wish the penis wanted Doug to do more hanky panky with big size women in his porn movies for the whole life.
(for more detail you can find this story attached to Hanif Kureishi's short story compilation: Midnight All Day)

So this is the question.
Is a penis he or it?
No-no. I am only joking.
The question will be:
What will a man be without his penis?
and What will a penis be without his man?
is a man still a man without his penis?
and is a penis still a penis without his man?

In Doug's case, he will be nothing without his penis. He can't make money to run his live without his penis. How about Doug's penis? Does it need Doug to live? Well, in the world of surreal the penis could live without Doug. But since we live in the world full of realism (or we choose to believe in reali(ty)sm), penis is a mere penis without his master. So what will you say?

Man is a male human.
and Male refers to the sex of an organism, or part of an organism, which produces small mobile gametes, called spermatozoa (www.wikipedia.org)
Well I am not going to make it more complicated, I just want to show you that biologically a human can be a man because of his reproduction system which represents by the penis and the scrotum. If we refer to that statement, is a man can be consider as a man WITHOUT his penis?
Doug is a man. His voice, his muscle, his face, his tummy are all manly. When he lost his penis, does it still make him a man? You know the answer.

But what is a penis mean for Doug actually? What is his reason to have his penis back?
Remember, Doug is a porn star and he needs his penis a lot to....GAIN MONEY. That is the most important thing for Doug to live. If he didn't think of the money he probably wouldn't care of his penis at all. I know that penis is important for any men to live but the value of it depends on how they see it. It is true that penis makes man but is Doug still a man with his penis hanging? or is he more like a man without his penis? You decide.

I don't mean to take this writing erotically. I just want to write because the idea of a man loosing his penis is quite interesting for me. It also has relation to the culture that said size matters. L.O.L the mak erot things are quite hype, aren't they? and I remember Freud and his idea of 'penis envy', power and etc when I write this but I still need to explore it further. The story itself is very witty and far from the so called porn, you better read it by yourself and tell me what you think.

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  1. There are something that i'd rather to believe about relationship between wholeness and part. Wholeness needs its part to make it whole, but part is not the wholeness.

    That short story describes the idea quite perfect. Analogically, human needs its blood, muscle, feet, hand, and other organs (penis and vagina included) to make them whole as human. But,the relationship is not reversible. Blood, muscle, feet, hand, and other organs (penis and vagina included)as itself are not human. The essential things to make human as human are their mind, morale, consciousness, and character. Man without his penis is still a man. Woman without her vagina is still a woman.

    Human will lose their humanity if they lose their mind, morale, consciousness, and character.

    Back to the short story. I believe that the short story is critic for us that we often put something "not human exactly" to our humanity and completeness. We feel that we're not complete without our gadget, fancy clothes, lifestyle, TV, or else. We make those things as our wholeness, whereas it's only a part. Part is not wholeness.

    If we value something too much (that much to make we forget that our humanity and completeness do not depend on those something), we will become materialistic human. We value anything in material measurement. That's what happened to Doug in that short story. He felt lost without his penis... Actually, the same phenomenon happened to almost all of us, we feel lost without our fancy clothes, gadget, or else.

    So i do really believe that my mind, morale, consciousness, and character are those what make me whole as human.

    Do you?