Spin the Wheel

Hello, it's been ages since my last post and yes I am a bad blogger. Well actually, I don't consider myself as blogger since I never put anything here; maybe I am a writer but the bad one. I don't know. Things are confusing lately and things are changing, of course! we live in temporariness, don't we? I feel funny after I re-read what I've written here and got surprise of how things are really changing right now. It's been 6 months or more since my last post and you have missed my stories a lot LOL
My tone changes, my perspective changes, my habit changes (a bit), my status changes, my look changes, my hair style too, my body changes and to sum them up: my world changes and it will always change. We spin like an atom; we are the atom itself. We run, we jump, we live, we love, we drink, we pee, we breathe but we are still the same like we used to be. We change, yes, but we can't go outside ourself. There's something that makes you still you even though you changes a lot. What is it? and what will the dictionary of philosophy describe it? I don't care yet. I just realize that I am changing and spinning like the atom does.

Glad that I live, I am.

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