Billi not Jean

Udah mulai bosen dirumah!
tapi bagus deh bosennya ketika sudah menjelang masuk kuliah.
Pia soalnya kemarin ngomong gini: Argg lo baru bosen (sarcastic) gue udah bosen dari kapan tauk!
haha at least sekarang aku ngerasain bosen yang sama kaya
k Pia, and it is deadly bored!!
Oia jadi inget kalo I draw a monster few weeks ago. It
such an ugly monster and I named him Billi. Why Billi? I dunno. It came up to my mind after I finished creating him.
This is Billi. Bilii say Hi to ur auntie, dear..

See how Billi can eat you up with his big MOUTHEAD, and look he has cute eyelashes and cool rollerblade. Billi must be the coolest kid on the block right now!
Anyway, I'm going to Salemba this evening. Zacky showed me a brochur from Driyarkara School of Philosophy and I am sooo excited to join :)
I am so into it, and I think it can help me to write my thesis. Hhe hehe. I'm going there with Fira and I will try the free trial first. Hoh, ga sabar mau cepet-cepet jam 6!

I do miss my boyfie this day!
Kangen terus setiap hari, hihi. Seven months full of LOVE. Haihahahaaa :)

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  1. lucu banget gambarnyaa. mau dong digambarin buat gueee :)